What is a Whatsapp Web Scans? – How Can You Do a Full Check on Your SMS

Whatsapp Web Scans

What is a Whatsapp Web Scans? A Whatsapp Web Scans is one of the ways that the latest update in a Whatsapp account can be checked. This allows the user to see if there are any errors within the messages that have been read out by the user.


Tap on WhatsApp Web on your mobile; Tap on Settings or Menu; Select Messenger; Click on Messages and check the box ‘Scan’ at the bottom left corner of the message. If you don’t see a scan button on the SMS you’re reading then you may have received an incomplete message. In this case, you can try a few more messages before you can check for the scan button.

After you tap on the Scan button, the scanner will show a list of SMS that you have read. Tap on the message that you are checking the message for. When you have selected the message that you wish to scan for, you will see the scan option in the right panel of your screen. From here you can enter the text that you wish to check.

Once you have entered the message, if it is a valid message, the scan button will be greyed out; you need to tap the button so as to continue. Once you are done scanning, you will be able to view the remaining messages in the list. You can whatsapp apk download free and Download SHAREit for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8 here.


However, there are several problems that may occur when using this tool to check for the Whatsapp web scanner. Firstly, the scanner cannot be used to check the new messages as the messages will always be available on the main website. Therefore, if the scanner does not detect a message within the SMS it is not available, it does not mean that it has been deleted; you need to go back to the main page to check for that particular message.

It is also recommended that you go back to the main page to do this as often you will find that you have missed a message which will need to be checked. In addition, it can also be time consuming to scan all the messages in the list and then sort through them. So, if you want to ensure that you only scan the important messages it is recommended that you go back to the main page to do this.

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