Steps to Fix MX Player No Audio Issue

MX Player

Many users are faced with this problem after buying the gadget and it is very irritating to have to listen to your own music only to find that you are not able to hear the words being spoken in your MP3 player. This can also affect your performance in school, work or even at home. Read on this article to know the causes for it and how to fix it.

MX Player No Audio Issue

To get the steps to fix MX Player No Audio issue, it is important to know the causes. It is also necessary to know why this happens. It is recommended that you download and install the latest version of the software. This will help you avoid any possible problems. If this has been done, you should try to make a note of what type of audio files you are listening to.

Try to find the music file that causes this problem. The file will need to be stored in an external drive to ensure that it does not cause any issues on your PC. Once you have found the file, you should delete the folder that is associated with the file. This is needed to make your computer free from all files related to the player.

A Quick Fix

  1. You should go into the sound card settings and click the “sound tab”. Ensure that the volume is properly set and that it is not at full blast.You may also want to change the quality of the music file that is causing the issue. Most users will opt for “high quality” so that they are able to easily listen to the music.
  2. It is important to make sure that there is no other audio file in the player and that it is the only one causing the issue. If there are any other files in the player, you will be prompted by the software to play the other file instead.
  3. You can also try to adjust the volume and select a good quality if there is any. If this does not fix the problem, you may also want to take out the hard drive and clean it. You can do this by removing the external media disk that is causing the problem.
  4. Once you have fixed the steps to fix MX Player No Audio issues, you should see the progress. The files that were previously missing will now be visible. You may even be able to listen to the audio files that are there now without any problems.

If there are any audio files in the player and none of the above steps worked, then you should reinstall the program. Make sure that you use the correct driver and that you know what you are doing.

Other Alternatives

There are different things that you can try. Some of them include running the antivirus program and performing an update.When it comes to software updates, you should do this at regular intervals. This is something that will ensure that your operating system is updated.

You should also check your sound card. It is likely that the chip is not working properly and this could be causing the problem.If none of the above options work, then you should contact a repair software program. They will be able to help you identify the problem and work to fix it. You can also try installing mx player custom codec and see if that helps.

Sometimes it is possible to fix MX Player No Audio issues by using a different type of program. There is software that has been developed that will scan through your computer and eliminate all the files that it believes is causing the problem.If this method doesn’t work, then it is possible that your computer is using a virus to prevent the steps to fix MX Player No Audio from being run. You can find this type of software from a virus removal website.

Finally, if none of these solutions help you fix your MX Player No Audio problem, then it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer of your computer. in order to have the machine checked.

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